State-of-the-art techniques

State-of-the-art techniques

We participate in trainings all over the world, gaining knowledge from the best practitioners. We keep an eye on the trends in our industry. As a result, not only are our services always up-to-date, but we also offer what is best and confirmed by global experts.

Innovative equipment

Innovative equipment

Cutting-edge technology and top-quality equipment guarantee reliability, effectiveness, and safety. It guarantees you are in the right hands at our venue. The quality of our services speaks for itself.

Best products

Best products

Majewska Beauty Maker takes pride in utilising exclusively tested and approved beauty products. We cooperate with well-known, respected, and trustworthy producers. Additionally, we verify the composition and effects, making sure that what we use is safe and will bring the expected results.

Since I can remember, I have been interested in the human body and its amazing abilities. That’s why, in parallel to my studies, I explored knowledge of physiology, anatomy, and the processes in the body. Once I finished studying, I dedicated my time to training. My love for aesthetics was continuously growing in strength, and the acquired knowledge taught me respect, humility, and awareness of the need to be prepared for any situation when working with the human body.

Aleksandra Majewska


Majewska Beauty Maker is a friendly space where you will feel taken care of. Values lie at the core of our professional activity. Get to know us better to see why we ca be trusted.

The only thing that matters is YOU

You always come first. Your needs and expectations are what matters most. You entrust us with your beauty – you give us the most precious canvas, and our obligation to you is to paint the most beautiful picture of you.

Tell us what we can do for you

At Majewska Beauty Maker, your needs are of utmost importance. We never impose our ideas or create our vision of you. You tell us what you would like to improve and what your problems and expectations are, and we act on it.

Be you

We are far from introducing radical changes in facial features, proportions, and shapes. We do not want to turn you into someone you are not. It’s our belief that the key to feeling good in your skin is naturalness.

Your safety always comes first

We only use top-quality products and tested procedures. At the same time, having in mind your comfort, we know when to refuse to perform a treatment due to a potentially existing risk or health hazard.

Effectively and truthfully

Avoiding unrealistic expectations is crucial. We clarify any doubts, but never promise unreal effects. It’s important to factor in your anatomy, physiology, and lifestyle when planning the end result.

We are our own showcase

We want to be reliable and honest, as we are genuine in what we do. Every member of the Majewska Beauty Maker team knows how to take care of their body, soul, and healthy lifestyle. We truly embrace our ideals and stay true to them – we are authentic, living examples of our procedures and philosophy.

Tell us what we can do for you. At Majewska Beauty Maker, your needs lie at the core of who we are and what we do

We never impose our ideas or create our vision of you. You tell us what you would like to improve and what your problems and expectations are, and we find ways to achieve your vision. We believe that the key to feeling good in your skin is naturalness. Correcting imperfections, bringing out what’s already deep inside of you, and highlighting your own attractiveness is what we strive for. We know plenty of methods that will allow us to attain the effect of individually understood natural beauty, and we are eager to share them with you.

Majewska Beaty Maker Lips

Already a beauty professional?

The original technique created by the founder – Aleksandra Majewska – will help you to get theoretical and practical knowledge, allowing you to attain a totally new level of possibilities in lip modelling.

Once you complete the course, you can model any type of lips, even the difficult ones – those that are problematic for many specialists!

Majewska Beauty Maker
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Emma SiebenkäßEmma Siebenkäß
08:23 24 Jan 23
I had my lips done by Aleksandra. I am really very satisfied and think the result is wonderful! It's amazing how much she could squeeze out of a very thin upper lip. Thank you very much, also for the professional advice and treatment. I will definitely come back!☺️
Marta BuczynskaMarta Buczynska
21:14 13 Jan 23
Wonderful, warm atmosphere during all treatments and services 😉 Professionalism at every step and huge cosmetological knowledge! Mrs. Ola advises, explains and does her job well. This is a salon that I would love to come back to 👍
Martyna KondratowiczMartyna Kondratowicz
09:43 11 Jan 23
Mrs. Ola is a master in her profession. Not one doctor can envy her sense of aesthetics. I'm very afraid of needles, and I didn't have time to notice when Mrs. Ola was at hand and it was all over. I am very pleased and will definitely come back here. Mrs. Ola restores a woman's self-confidence and gives a few years for free 🙂 thanks to her I look like a nice twenty. I would highly recommend!
Magda SzewczykMagda Szewczyk
17:26 29 Oct 22
I can only recommend Frau.Majewska. Super friendly advice and she takes the time to explain everything to you.You feel very comfortable with her and always in good hands.I'm super happy with the result and would go to her again any time. Thank you for the perfect treatment, especially for the effort!Thank you again and see you soon!
Darias deutsche WeltDarias deutsche Welt
17:22 12 Jul 22
Ms. Majewska is an absolute professional in her field. I can warmly recommend them because I am satisfied every time and feel that I am in good hands. Very personable and customer oriented. 👍🌸